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Another View of Fenced In Area

Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital of Holly Springs offers boarding services for dogs and cats in the Cary - Holly Springs - Apex - Fuquay Varina area. We have a bright, friendly boarding facility and strive to provide a quiet, calm atmosphere for our boarders. We play classical music for their enjoyment and provide each pet with one on one time with our staff. We understand it is stressful for them to be apart from their families and try to do everything we can to alleviate that stress.

There are a variety of accomodations available, including large suites that are pictured here. All cats are housed separately in the cat boarding room that features luxurious cat condos with multi-level sleeping areas. For our senior pets, or if you want to spoil your younger pet, we offer thick orthopedic foam encased beds for them to lay on. All dogs are provided cots within their boarding suites. Each pet has a constant supply of fresh water and is fed twice a day with Purina EN diet, a top quality ration available only through veterinarians. If you like, you can bring your pet's own diet and we will feed it at no extra charge.

All dogs are let outside individually four times a day to relieve themselves in our attached outdoor play yard. We also offer additional play time (a supervised 20 minute high energy play session with other dogs and our play time technician) for a nominal extra charge. During play time, dogs are put together based on size and who they seem to enjoy playing with. We also offer indoor playtime for our feline friends in our kitty lounge.

You may request a bath for your pet before he or she goes home. Dogs that board with us for more than 5 nights receive a 50% discount on the bathing price. For the protection of your pet and others, all vaccinations and parasite testing must be up to date. Please call prior to your pets boarding appointment to determine what vaccinations and tests are required prior to their stay.

For the protection of your pets and our staff, pets are admitted and discharged only during our hospital hours.

Please see our "hospital tour" slide show for many more boarding facility pictures.


Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital provides bathing services for your loved one.

Our services include:

  • Full bath with coconut hydrating shampoo and conditioner or medicated bath if necessary
  • Check for fleas and ticks
  • Expression of anal glands
  • Nails trimmed/shaped
  • Ears cleaned
  • Complete blow dry and brush out with the Furminator hair removal system to remove dead hair and undercoat
  • Complimentary cologne/perfume and bandana.

We also do shave downs and matt removal on cats.