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Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital of Holly Springs is one of the few hospitals in Cary, Holly Springs, Apex, Fuquay Varina and the entire Raleigh - Durham Triangle area to offer laser surgery. These are a few of the many reasons why we feel a surgical laser is a "must have" for our surgical patients:

  • Reduced Bleeding – The CO2 laser beam seals rather than cuts vessels as it makes the incision, thereby reducing bleeding by 90%;. This reduces the burden of surgery on the body and allows a fast recovery.
  • Reduced Infection – The CO2 laser kills microorganisms as it cuts, resulting in fewer post-operative infections.
  • Reduced Pain – The CO2 laser seals nerve endings as it incises and effectively reduces pain after surgery.
  • Reduced Swelling – Physical contact with the skin does not occur with a surgical laser. The C02 beam penetrates the tissue from a distance. No part of the instrument ever contacts the surgical field. Because there is no contact, the bruising and tissue damage that occurs with a traditional scalpel is never encountered. Post-operative inflammation is virtually nonexistent.
  • Extreme Surgical Precision – The CO2 laser emits a focused beam that is smaller than a pinpoint. This tiny pulse of energy allows our surgeons a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with a traditional scalpel.

What procedures can be done with the Laser?

Most any!!! Spays, Neuters, Declaws, Tumor/Lump removals, Skin Tags, Ear Polyps, Eye surgery & much more!

Your pet will appreciate the reduction in post-operative discomfort after their laser procedure. Your pet will be able to resume their normal activities much quicker than with conventional surgical methods.